About Habitat


We’re not just about helping families. We’re about helping


Neighborhood revitalization improves the living experience in an entire neighborhood. It creates a sense of community pride and results in people taking more ownership in their own communities. Our Neighborhood Revitalization is improving the quality of people’s lives in Council Bluffs. Here’s how:

• Improving neighborhoods by rehabilitating homes in need of repair
• Fostering a sense of community and in turn, making neighborhoods safer
• Creating green space that neighbors can enjoy together
• Growing relationships that create social cohesion and enrich the lives of people in the neighborhood
• Partnering with neighborhoods and standing together with them for the good of the neighborhood
• Engaging in civic activities as a united group
• Providing training that empowers people to lead in their own neighborhoods

How to Apply for Critical Repairs

The process is fairly straightforward: after the initial contact is made with Habitat, your home will be visited by our staff to assess the needs of the home and the extent of the repairs. Some financial information is required of the resident, and depending on the grants or funding sources, other information may be required. Habitat’s construction crew then makes arrangements for the repairs to be made.

Projects have currently included sidewalks, foundation work, roofs, gutters, decks, toilet, flooring, sheetrock, windows, doors and more.

Call to set up an appointment or for more information at (712) 328-9476 or email volunteer@habitatcb.org.