About Habitat


Katrena Built a Stable Home For Her Three Girls


Katrena is a single mother with three young daughters. Through the process, Katrena achieved her dream of homeownership for the first time in her life.

I learned so many home-building skills: framing, molding, staining, drywall and much more. I have also learned some great leadership skills and built up myself esteem to a level that I know I can now be a proud owner of a brand new home. Before this program, I hadn’t been able to live on my own because of the financial burden of all the things that come with purchasing a house. Habitat is a dream come true to my family. It’s a great opportunity to be able to receive a house that suits my family and gives us enough space to live comfortably.

I am so excited to have a place I can call my own! There’s finally that stability that my family needs.

Qualifying for A Home Was Easier Than Laura Thought


Before applying for a Habitat home, Laura didn’t think she had a chance at qualifying. Somehow a friend convinced her to at least attend a meeting—and now Laura and her daughter are living in (and loving) their new home! Laura has a garage to park the car in the winter and a backyard where her daughter can play with their dog Roxie and her new neighborhood friends.

I am so glad that I went through with filling out the paperwork. When I first heard about the program my first thought was “Why bother? I would never qualify and if by some miracle I did, how would I be able to do all those hours they require?” But a friend of mine convinced me to go to the meeting anyway, just see what it was all about. I completed the paperwork and my initial hours and was completely shocked when I was told I qualified. Habitat helped my daughter and me get a new and improved start on life. Now we have a place to go home to every night; we know it is safe and it is ours.

Twyla Finds Freedom in Homeownership


Twyla feels a sense of freedom in knowing that her mortgage payments are going toward ownership of a home that she will never have to leave. She is relieved that from now on, getting a raise doesn’t equate to her rent going up again.

I really enjoyed the experience working on and building homes. I really liked the building staff and appreciated them having confidence in me—they let me help and be tough. The office staff are so understanding and helpful every time I talk to any of them. I have learned that people are willing to help people that they have never met so they will be able to have a home of their own. I have learned that I can have friends. I have found friendships with people in my community. Habitat means freedom from paying other people my hard earned money and not being able to keep what I’m paying for. Being able to own my own home and be proud that I worked hard for what I have. Being able to make my own decisions on how I want my home to be.