A Way You Can Help…

The theft of our 16″ trailer leaves a bitter taste in our mouths, as it has been with us for some time
and we rely on it to pick up donations and make deliveries and such.

We decided to Haiku out our frustrations:

Trailer once loaded,
Now in the hands of a thief…
I miss you, trailer.

Our trailer is gone;
Stolen from our lot. To thief:

Seriously though: if you see this 16″ trailer take a picture of the trailer, where it is, or the license of the vehicle towing it and send it to us. Habitat relies on your contributions. When people steal from non-profit institutions, they steal three times: from the institution, from the donor, and from those to whom the money means the most: our future homeowners. Keep your eyes open for the Habi-trailer.